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Contribution of Research to Improvement of Adult Education Quality

As a follow up from the last Summer Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, we are happy to present the collection of contributions by the participants of the ESRALE-Summer Academy. Belgrade, Dublin, Würzburg.



Aleksandra Pejatović, Regina Egetenmeyer,
Maria Slowey (Eds.) (2016) CONTRIBUTION OF RESEARCH

You can find the publication under these ISBN numbers:


ESRALE Summer Academy 2016


University of Pécs in partnership with: University of Kaiserslautern; University of Florence; University of Brno; West University of Timisoara; University of Belgrade; Vytautas Magnus University; Dublin City University; University of Barcelona; University of Wurzburg; German Institute for Adult Education, Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning; and European Centre for Valuation of Prior Learning – EC-VPL

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ESRALE Summer Academy

International ESRALE Summer Academy in Brno, Czech Republic 2014

“International Perspectives on Adult Education”

(15th – 19st September 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic)


First ESRALE Summer Academy held in 2014 in Brno is about to bring together a group of scholars interested in research on adult education. Combination of highly experienced experts, doctoral students working on specific dissertation projects, and Master students potentially interested in joining the research field themselves creates a highly inspiring mix encouraging all involved participants to share and explore new avenues in adult education research.

ESRALE Summer Academy will also provide space for further scholarly discussions during social events in the evening and, last but not least, also on Friday as the ESRALE Conference is taking place with presenters from all over Europe opening up various topics across adult education research.

ESRALE Summer Academy brings you an opportunity to widen your horizons of Adult Education research in 4 days of expert lectures on methodological, scientific writing-related, comparative research and content-related topics as well as to meet your colleagues from all over Europe in both MA and PhD study programs. You can also earn up to 6 ECTS toward your degree by attending the courses, explore Brno in its fascinating mixture of history and modernity through extra-curricular activities, and attend an international conference on Adult Education.